Sometimes, our work life is an endless cycle. Wake up early, eat breakfast, go to work, do the tasks for the day, eat lunch, continue doing the tasks, go home, eat dinner and go to sleep. The next day, you do the same things. Wake up early, eat breakfast, go to work, do the tasks for the day, oh wait, your boss tells you that he needs the report this afternoon so you skip your lunch. This happens most of the time because you are so engrossed with work that you don’t find time anymore to eat lunch with your coworkers. You are doing great at work by doing this. But, are you doing well when it comes to your health?


Lunch is an essential meal of the day. Though breakfast is regarded as the one you shouldn’t skip, it is not a free pass to exchange your lunch to other things. As much as the other meals you need to take, lunch plays an important role to keeping your energy throughout the day. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip lunch in exchange for the extra time for your work.


Kyle Richey of tells us 7 reasons why it is important to not let work eat into your lunch break.

7 Reasons Not to Let Work Eat Into Your Lunch Break

There’s no denying that most entrepreneurs live by jam-packed schedules with something or the other always waiting to be done. This often results in compromising the lunch hour and squeezing some of the pending work into it. After all, it saves you time, doesn’t it? And while you may think that you’re doing your business a favor by working through or taking very little of what is meant to be your lunch break, the truth could be quite the contrary.

According to psychologist Frank J. Sileo, founder and executive director of the Center for Psychological Enhancement based in Ridgewood, NJ, “A lunch break is important for your physical and mental health.” He further states: “Studies have shown that taking a lunch break can reduce stress. Time for relaxation away from work has also been correlated with heightened productivity and creativity.”

Wondering how you should be spending your break away from your desk in the most productive way? The following few tips should help you understand how successful entrepreneurs spend their lunch hour. Read the rest here. 

Lunch is not a meal that you can just overlook. It is important to eat lunch at work as it helps with your productivity. It gives you the energy to do your job efficiently. It is a domino effect of either positive or negative outcomes.


However, as being constraint with time, some employees tend to eat lunch at their workstation. They believe that it saves them time because they can work and eat simultaneously which increases their productivity. But, is this a good practice?


Brian Lee of tackles this issue in his article.

Eat Lunch Away from Your Work Area

Eat lunch away from your work area. Never eat at your workstation. Not only does it keep you from that time off I just mentioned, but it also invites coworkers the opportunity distract you and possibly even heap more work your way.
If you want to increase your productivity, don’t skip your lunch break. Lunch is a great block of time that you have everyday, and if used incorrectly, it’s another hour you’ve wasted; however, if used right, it can give your life a boost. Check out these 12 lunch break ideas that will charge up your life every day. Read the rest here.

Additionally, this video gives you some ideas of what to prepare for lunch that is quick and easy.

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