It is a new aspect that most people may have never heard of in their entire adulthood life. Does it mean that one can get an allowance just because they are disabled? The answer is yes. There is an allowance that is set aside by the government in order to help those who claim for it. Each and every individual who qualifies as a disabled person should have the disability living allowance contact number in the UK. If they are not mentally stable then their caretaker should have it in order to call for assistance when there is need. This is money that is set aside by the government as part of the national security budget. As long as one qualifies for it, they can access it at the agreed upon frequency.

Who Qualifies for the Disability Living Allowance?

Not everybody qualifies to benefit from the disability living allowance. This is because a majority of the population is not physically challenged. Only those who have a disability within their body qualifies for this fund. They need to have a problem in one of their limbs or even in the mind. The following are the groups of people who qualify to get the disability allowance.

The Physically Challenged Child

The first group that qualifies for the disability living allowance is those who have been born with a physical challenge. These are children who are under their parents. There are times when there may arise natural defects at birth. When this is realized then the parents or guardians can register under the disability act in order to benefit from the disability living allowance kitty.

The Disabled Adult

There are some disabilities that are acquired in adulthood. One may acquire a disability as a result of an accident or due to a disease. Accidents can be got from the road, at work by moving machines or even as a result of falls. When one is disabled as a result of such they can also enroll with the disabled society and the government in order to benefit from regular funds in form of the disability allowance.

The Homes for the Elders

There are homes that have been set aside to care for the older people in society. They also qualify to benefit from the disability living allowance. The administration of these homes can have the disability living allowance dla contact number in the UK for easier communication and contact when in need.

The People with Mental Disorders

The care givers of those with mental disability can enroll their patients with the government so that they qualify to benefit from the disability kitty. These group are not able to take care of themselves and must always be supported. Their needs can be met from the funds from the disability kitty. Some of these include paying the care taker and paying their bills in their daily life.