There are many smart and creative people in today’s society who are looking to get patents on different inventions or ideas that they have. However, getting a patent is not easy as it may seem at first glance. Since obtaining a patent is a very complicated process, it is highly recommended to hire a patent attorney to make sure the process goes smoothly. If you are from South Florida, and you are looking for an experienced intellectual property lawyer to protect your right as an inventor, Livingston & Loeffler Fort Myers Office can help you. Learn more about the reasons to hire an intellectual property attorney if you are looking to file a patent with the United States government.

Infringing on Another Person’s Rights

Filing for a patent is not that easy because you must make sure you are aren’t infringing on another individual’s rights. So, one of the biggest reasons to visit a patent attorney’s office is to check if you can even obtain a patent for your particular idea or invention. This is done in a few ways. First, your lawyer must decide whether or not your idea is patentable. Intellectual property laws and regulations strictly define what a patent is and what ideas, inventions and products can be patented. Sometimes, your invention can be tweaked or changed a bit to become patentable in the United States.

If your idea is patentable, the next thing your attorney must check is if a similar patent already exists. In order to legally protect your invention, it must be completely original and unique. However, sometimes another individual has invented something similar to your idea and patented before you. To avoid these situations, it is best to contact a patent attorney as soon as you create an original work to protect it. If there is nothing similar to your invention that has already been patented, you may successfully file an application for patent registration.  Lastly, your attorney will give you his expert opinion on whether or not your idea or invention will be profitable in today’s market.

Handling Paperwork

Another reason to hire an intellectual property attorney when filing for a patent is to handle all the paperwork with ease. In order to protect your intellectual property, you will need a lot of paperwork. If you fail to submit all the necessary paperwork, your patent application may automatically be rejected. Your lawyer will help you and make sure you gather all the necessary documents for successful patent application. For example, one of the things that are needed is a detailed description of your idea. Although it seems easy to describe your idea, you must describe in a way that everyone will understand it. An intellectual property lawyer has the necessary experience and training to help you write a detailed description of your invention and product. This is an important part of the application task because the federal government will look over it and evaluate your case.  Many times, you will also need to submit a drawing or diagram of your idea to ensure that they have a complete vision of what your invention or product really is. A patent attorney can also help you create these drawings. Hiring a patent lawyer is necessary to successfully navigate the patent application process.