Conversion optimization and Search engine optimization work closely with each other in order to convert call to actions with the customer traffic coming to the website. Conversion optimization offers an impartial approach for creating marketing strategies.

Samantha Kerr at has 5 killer techniques for you in this post:

5 Killer Conversion Optimization Techniques That Improve Your Rankings

Samantha Kerr

Conversion optimization and SEO have a rather symbiotic relationship — they rely on each other in order to function.
Just as no salesperson can perform their job without a steady flow of customers in their store, no call-to-action can drive conversions without traffic coming to the website. On the other hand, what good are droves of customers if you don’t have an effective strategy to influence them into making a conversion?

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It helps you to gain new opportunities for acquiring more customers. For improving conversion optimization limiting your scope is a tried and true technique and it can develop performance in the whole search process.

Jeremy Smith has a guest post at that will give you 4 basic facts:

4 Facts About Decision Making That Will Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

by guest author Jeremy Smith

Everything in conversion optimization comes down to the customer making a decision Yes or no. That’s the clutch point in conversion optimization. Leading up to this decision is the process of decision making. Everyone makes decisions. The outcome of these decisions means a conversion or not. I believe that if we can understand the psychology of decision making, we can take action that will improve our conversion rates. The thinking processes that lead customers to arrive at a decision are common enough among all people for us to identify them and act upon them.

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Google is in love with those websites that provide immediate answers to the queries. First pages of the search results are laden with pages that are most relevant to search query. While limiting your scope it’s really alluring to optimize the web pages for a broad range of audiences for attracting more visitors to your site but this could also create poor user experience.

Here is a video by InvespTV with inspiring story about 48% increase in conversions:

The way you arrange your pages effects the way how the search engines crawl to your site and the users find the needed information. SEO silos give a natural place to the content to exist at your site. With this approach you need to ensure that the content of your landing pages remains highly in focus.

Conversion optimization can be improved by differentiating the segments of the central theme by using an apparent header hierarchy and binding a sturdy call to action that speaks itself for the particular reader.