Businesses are deemed successful based on a number of characteristics, most notably net profits. The amount of money a business generates, minus the expenses needed to create that profit is how the net profit is determined. Today, we want to help you increase your profits by providing you with some key data points to improve the effectiveness of your website.

A Website Without Traffic Cannot Create Revenue

You may have the best looking website in the world, and it may be very effective converting visitors to buyers, but without traffic, your website is useless. The vast majority of business owners are highly focused on the look of their website, and spend a large sum of money and man hours making the site look perfect. Most of these webmasters would be better served by focusing their efforts on creating a steady stream of website traffic that has an opportunity to convert into paying clients.  The formula for success with your website is Traffic + Conversion = Clients.

online optimization for more traffic

If you are able to generate traffic consistently, you have the opportunity to “tweak” your optimization as you go. Making changes to content, images, and calls to action are all great, but you need the traffic in order to test these results to see which version works best. By formulating a traffic generation strategy, you can expect a specific number of visitors each month, and with conversion optimization, you can expect a specific number of visitors each month. Now that we have an overview, now we can dig down into just a few ways to drive relevant traffic to your website on a monthly basis.

3 Easy Ways To Drive Website Traffic

  1. Content Creation – even the newest websites can increase the number of visitors to the site by creating interesting and unique content. An easy way to do this is simply help people solve problems in your niche. If you are a roofer, and you want to make people aware of your services, you may write some blog posts on your website about winterizing your roof, or steps to take to preserve the life of your roof. As you build up content on your website through blogging, you will begin to “notify” Google what your website is about, and over time, you will be seen as an authority in your industry. Of course this won’t happen overnight, but with some good keyword research and some well written content, you can create a following with potential clients and the search engines.
  2. Video Marketing – you own a phone, and you have information to share. You are now able to create a video and introduce people to your product or service.  YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and people watch videos all day long. If you want to generate traffic to your site, start by creating videos and placing them on your website. You will capture visitors from YouTube coming back to your site, and as the traffic and visits grow, so will your trust and authority in the eyes of Google. The cycle is very rewarding when you are able to master the steps. Create content, capture more visitors, and as you go, you also gain more trust with Google. The next time you create a video or a blog, your content has a slight advantage over your last piece of content. You create a snowball effect that will grow visitors over time.
  3. Claim Your Social Profiles – your business needs to be seen on the major social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Behance and others. This is an additional platform for you to grow your audience. Each posts creates more opportunities to find new visitors to your site. Set up your business accounts on as many social media channels as possible, and then share updates and information. You may not pick up 10 new clients next month, but you will be one step closer.